~A small introduction~

This is my little space on the web for the food that I eat. This blox exists as my own personal celebration and memory of the food I have enjoyed. Yes, I love eating good food, evidently so much that I have a deep-seated need to create a blog about it, so I can at least remember the good meals I've had along the way. I only wished I started it sooner, because there are so many yummy places I wish I could share that I've already been to! And sometimes, I just forget my camera, so some places still go unblogged by me. *sigh*.

So, people have asked me: what is this blog about? I don't post every single place I eat at; I don't eat out 7 days a week (I couldn't afford it, I have to be saving up for my next meal at some point! And, to be honest, I do enjoy a good home cooked meal a lot more sometimes). I post up places that I feel are distinctive or that I have had a really good meal at.

Note: I love lots of different types of food, but I am going to try to avoid critiquing the food as much as possible; for me, food is very personal: you may like some things, and I make like others. Obviously, this site represents what I like/and may not like so much, but what I say is: go and try it for yourself! =) If you are going to eat three square meals a day, you might as well enjoy it, right?

(Thanks to Anne Q. for her inspiration regarding the subtitle to my blog. She made the suggestion to me while Jen and I, along with her and her bf Barry were eating at Toast. She initially made the suggestion for the title of my blog as a joke, but I actually think it is a great suggestion because it is 1) amusing, and 2) a succinct and true statement of what the blog is about. So, why not?)