Lulu Petite - San Francisco Trip

Lulu Petite is one of the small cafes in the Ferry Building Marketplace on the Embarcadero; there evidently is a larger Lulu Gourmet restaurant that is good, located somewhere else in SF.
Lulu Petite sells some of the gourmet sauces, etc. from the main restaurant, but it also sells some simple sandwiches, which we ordered:
Jen ordered a marinated portobello mushroom sandwich (served cold), with their special olive tapenade, peppers, and feta on focaccia bread.

I ordered a "Duck Rillettes" sandwich - it had a cherry and fig balsamic glaze, with arugula, on ciabatta bread. The bread for both sandwiches had a good texture, and I liked the flavor of mine - the glaze was slightly sweet, and complimented the duck meat well. And of course, I always love my Coke in a glass bottle - always the best tasting Coke for me!

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