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In June 2007, Jen and I went on a trip to San Francisco. One of the first places we went to after we got there was Tartine, a small bakery in San Francisco that she read about. Let me first say that you won't be able to spot it, even with the address, unless you are looking, as the bakery is pretty unidentifiable from the outside, except for the crowd of people inside. Jen's photo of the place is above.

The only sign for the bakery - a small little photo next to the door.
A photo of the bakery display, with all its delectable goods....
Another photo of the display, this time with the baked breads.
Bags of cookies....
As you can see, it is really busy (and quite crowded) in the bakery. It is evidently very popular with the locals - so we went to a park to eat, not too far away.
Jen ordered a three cheese sandwich, with Bellwether Farms Jersey Carmody, Straus Cheddar, and Idiazabal cheeses. It was served chilled, and was quite good.
I ordered a Croque Monsieur - Tartine describes it as an "open face sandwich made with our country bread, bechamel, gruyere, thyme and pepper. Topped with either smoked Niman Ranch ham, Cowgirl Creamery fromage blanc, or shitake mushrooms and seasonal vegetables. Served with housemade pickles." The sandwich was excellent, but was kind of greasy to hold. The pickled carrot was a great counterpoint!
For dessert, we ordered a raspberry fruit tart, and a chocolate eclair. The fruit tart was very, very good - the pastry shell was slightly sweet, and a good crunch, and the cream in it wasn't too sweet. The chocolate eclair was also excellent - they used a bitter dark chocolate on top.
Another eclair, with a custard filling. Yum! =)

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