Jack's Cosmic Dogs - Charleston SC

March 28, 2011

Before I start this post, I have to disclose the complete and utterly strong bias I have in favor of local hot dog/sausage joints (not larger franchises, I thinking of you, Jodi Maroni's...) .  I LOVE these places - maybe it is because I have fond memories of hot dogs from childhood (dodger dogs are awesome!) - but most likely it is because I know how great these places can be, having lived near the best local hot dog/sausage joint in the world:  Top Dog on Devine St. in Berkeley, CA will always be my all-time sentimental favorite, although Hot Doug's in Chicago definitely gives it a run for its money.    

So after I heard about a local hot dog joint in Charleston, I obviously got very excited and had to make a special trip to it! (well, it actually ended up being two during that weekend).  Jack's Cosmic Dogs is technically in Mt. Pleasant (with a new location on Folly Road in James Island), and although it is a bit off the beaten path (at least for the typical tourist who is in downtown Charleston), it is a fun place for those that appreciate a simple hot dog and fries...and as anyone who likes these places knows, a place that specializes in just hot dogs/sausages is few and far between.          

So, I actually first went to Jack's Cosmic Dogs shortly after another meal (because we were passing by it and I wanted to try it as soon as I could), so I only ordered a hot dog and fries.  First positive for Jack's Cosmic Dogs - you can order fresh-cut fries - awesome! - I always get a little sad when I can only order potato chips.  

A close-up photo of the hot dog I ordered during the first visit - a galactic dog (chili, cheese, and cole slaw), but I subbed the spicy mustard out for the sweet potato mustard after hearing that Alton Brown (of Food Network fame) said that the sweet potato mustard was the best mustard he had ever had.  To be honest, even though I had eaten just a little bit earlier, I kind of wished the hot dog itself was bigger, considering the cost of it.  And the chili could have been more flavorful.  And the sweet potato mustard was good, but it made everything just kind of sweet.  Regardless, I still loved eating the hot dog and fries....remember my bias?  =)      

So, we passed by Jack's Cosmic Dogs the next day, and I got another hot dog, just for fun =).  This time, a Planet Dog - a hot dog with jamaican relish and yellow mustard.  The jamaican relish was just a bit too sweet, but I still enjoyed it, although that's really not a surprise, is it?

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