Breakfast at Toast

So, Jen and I, along with Jen's friend Anne and her bf Barry, went to Toast together one Sunday morning to have breakfast. Ann actually provided some inspiration for the subtitle of my blog (see intro). Anyway, this is a very trend Westside L.A. breakfast place to go to - but Doughboy's is much, much better in my opinion - they are within a couple blocks of each other on 3rd.

Toast is definetly a good people watching place - while we were sitting outside, a couple of rappers rolled up in damn nice cars - modified Mercedes S-classes and CL's, Bentleys, etc., and with the requisite large bling - some kind of medallion - swinging from their necks. Anyway, so onto the food, the main reason I was there:
I ordered the eggs benedict - not really one of the best I've eaten; the hollandaise sauce was kind of bland. And the breakfast potatoes weren't very flavorful - they needed some kind of bell peppers, or something else.

Jen ordered the "Shakshuka" - an egg dish with a slow roasted stew of tomato, peppers, and garlic. It was much, much better than mine, very flavorful, actually.

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