Celebration at the Melting Pot

So we (Jen, me, and Jen's med school friends - Ann, Priya, and Gabe) went to the Melting Pot in Old Town Pasadena for a celebration of Jen's matching into Ophthalmology: I forgot to take photos of the main dishes, but I don't really mind...the dessert was the best part by far! =) So here is a photo of the various dipping items - fruits and cakes.
Mmm, we ordered two chocolate fondues - the first: a big pot of chocolate smores - melted milk chocolate topped with marshmellow cream and graham crackers. It doesn't get better than that!
Our second chocolate fondue: the "Cookies n' Cream Marshmallow Dream" - dark melted chocolate with marshmallow cream and crushed oreo cookies on top. The newly minted Dr. Hung's favorite!

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