Quick Eats - Yummy Sandwiches at Le Diplomate

So, here is one of my favorite hot sandwich places in the OC - Le Diplomate, in the University Center plaza (I think - the one with the In and Out) across from UC Irvine.

Note for Jerry: To get there from WLS, you can take the 405 South to the 73 south, and exit Campus Dr. Take Campus all the way to the plaza. Alternatively, take the 405 South, exit Jamboree. Hang a right at the exit and head south on Jamboree, then make a left onto Campus, all the way to the plaza.
Here's the menu...my friends and I usually order a chicken, broccoli mushroom sandwiches and eggplant sandwiches (with or without feta cheese, depending on the person), always with garlic sauce! =)

And two close-up shots of my favorite sandwich - a chicken, broccoli, mushroom sandwich, with garlic sauce - the photos don't do the sandwiches justice. The garlic sauce is a great invention of mankind - it makes any one of their sandwiches great. And they use a panini grill on their sandwiches, which makes them warm, crunchy, and soft on the inside. Eat it fresh, and it is ultra delicious.

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