Napa Trip - Etoile at Domaine Chandon

The final day we stayed in Napa, we decided to go drive through some of the wine country on our way to the winery we had lunch at, Domaine Chandon. Yes, it was middle of winter, so the the scenery wasn't quite as beautiful as it could have been. But I think it was still picturesque, nevertheless.

So, before I start the substance of this posting, let me tell you a small story. Since Jen and I had so much rich food the past couple of days, I was actually looking forward to some light food. I figured that we could find something light, like a baguette sandwich, at one of the wineries. Little did I know that the only eatery at the winery would be the only four star restaurant in any of the Napa wineries! I didn't plan it that way, I swear! So, with bloated stomachs, we proceeded to Etoile...

A glass of wine we ordered at Etoile. Sorry, I'm not a wine enthusiast, and I don't remember what it was. In fact, just to let you know: I am allergic to alcohol, so I couldn't drink the wine.

One of the main dishes we ordered: a stuffed chicken breast wrapped with prosciutto (I think). It was actually very good, even though I was extremely full of rich food from the past two days.
Apologies: This was a stuffed pumpkin ravioli, with shaved truffle on top. Very light, and a bit sweet.
They offered Jen a selection of two different wines to try with the food we ordered. The one on the left was a champagne, I believe.

So, we actually did not order this dessert, but they mistakenly brought this banana tart out.

This was the dessert we ordered: a mango crepe, with cut mango on top. Quite delicious, but hard to enjoy, simply because I was so stuffed. *ugh*

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