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Sad, this place is closed now. =( But, here is my post about the restaurant, which I enjoyed very much! (Maybe they'll bring it back again!) So, the next night, Jen and I went to Julia's Kitchen at COPIA, a restaurant inspired by Julia Child. Awards given to Julia Child over the many of you know, she is the cook who introduced the art of cooking french food to the American masses!
Jen loves oysters, so we ordered half a dozen kumamotos and skookums.
A foie gras appetizer on a toasted brioche, with fruit and a light balsamic vinaigrette. It was kind of sweet, and I didn't like it much, to be honest - because I like my foie gras simple, with just some salt and pepper. I personally don't like foie gras mixed with a sweet flavor.
Jen's main course: A whole roasted quail, stuffed with wild mushroom stuffing, sitting on a bed of mascarpone polenta, with a side of bacon encrusted brussell sprouts. The polenta was excellent, very light.
I ordered milk-fed lamb, with butternut squash gnocci and organic winter vegetables from the COPIA garden. Delicious!

And to start off dessert: a capuccino, for me =). I loved the rock sugar stick to stir with, that is simple, but pure genius.

I've had a lot of desserts in my time, but this apple tart was absolutely superb. It was the first time I had our waitress compliment the pastry chef. It was quite simply perfect - the pastry was light, warm, and flaky, the apples were just sweet enough, and with vanilla ice cream a la mode, who could resist? We couldn't...and we dug into the dessert, without taking a photo first. One of the best desserts I've had anymore, bar none.

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