Seattle Trip - Lowell's

My first trip to Seattle in February 2007, and our first stop: the public market! I love the hubbub there - every city should have a place like this. Inside the market was the place we ate at for lunch, Lowell's.
Jen and I happened to see an episode of Giada's Weekend Adventures on the Food Network, and one of the places she suggested was Lowell's, for breakfast. We didn't quite get wake up early enough, so we missed breakfast =(.
Even though we missed breakfast, they still had lots of other seafood dishes for lunch...
This was the view we had from our table - a view of the Seattle bay. A tip: the restaurant is three levels high, so you can go to the very top, and get a gorgeous view with your meal!
Jen ordered a Crab Louie salad. Simple, but all the ingredients were extremely fresh...we found out that all the ingredients are purchased daily from the various vendors at the public market.
You gotta order clam chowder at an American seafood restaurant! They didn't skimp on the clams, hooray!

I ordered a fried seafood combo. Fried clams, fish, and shrimp. Tasty!

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