Seattle Trip - Coffee Run(s)

This was our first visit to Seattle, so we naturally had to make several coffee runs to the some of the best coffee bars in the city. Here are the two that we tried:

This is the first coffee bar we drove to: Vivace Roasteria.
What I love about the cappuccinos is the design that they put into the foam. And the cappuccino puts all the national chains to shame: it was light and smooth, but robust.
The second place we drove to: Victrola Coffee Roasters.
Another nice-looking design in the cappuccino foam. Personally, I didn't find this cappuccino as good as Vivace, but it was still much better than Starbucks and other places. It wasn't a good place to sit, more a place to get coffee to go. My preference: go to Vivace if you want to sit around and relax for a bit.

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