Seattle Trip - Elliot's Oyster House

Since we were near the home of all delicious oysters, being in the Northwest and so close to Vancouver, we had to go to a good oyster bar! And so we took the chance to enjoy good seafood at Elliot's Oyster House:

Here is the oyster bar at Elliots. If you look closely, you can see awards on the top shelf for the restaurant's oyster shuckers. Evidently they often win the contest for best oyster shucker every year - yes, there seems to be a contest for everything.
A closeup of the many different varieties of oysters you can choose from. This place is an oyster's lovers dream - you can select from over 30 different oyster varieties from the local region and from Canada. All of them were extremely fresh, and definitely the best oysters either Jen or I have ever eaten.
As a main course, we ordered one of Elliot's specialities: a dungeness crab marinated in spices and then grilled. It was really tasty, but really, really messy to eat. And I don't think I have the patience to take apart crab.
And here is dessert: sorry, but I don't recall what it was, and evidently, it was a seasonal creation that they don't always offer.

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