Seattle Trip - Dahlia Lounge

Our last night in Seattle, Jen and I went to Dahlia Lounge, one of several restaurant's owned by chef Tom Douglas. He is reported to be one of the most innovative chefs in the Northwestern U.S.

I am going to apologize in advance for this post, because it doesn't do the restaurant justice: first of all, the camera was dying, so we couldn't get very good photos. Second, I didn't write down what we ate, and so I have absolutely no idea what we ate, and it has been a long while now. Anyway, so with that said, here are some photos...

This restaurant was gorgeously decorated; a little dark - "mood lighting", I suppose. Going to Dahlia Lounge was my first experience in going to a really new and trendy restaurant - it was something in the experience right after walking in - you could almost feel the buzz. The photo is taken from the vantage point of our table, looking out onto the street.

This being Seattle, the oysters were of course really high quality. And they provided a twist on the vinegar usually offered with oysters, making the vinegar slightly spicy and refreshing - I think by adding chopped peppers and other ingredients, including cucumber.

A second appetizer that we ordered - raw scallops, with an asian inspired flavor.

The two main courses that we ordered....

The dessert - "Tom's Doughnuts" was the one dish that stands out in my memory - it was a nice twist on a deceptively simple dessert, and prepared well. It was basically doughnut holes in a white bag, with sugar and cinnamon inside. So you had to close up the bag, and shake up the doughnuts to coat them with the sugar/cinnamon mixture. Audience participation is always fun! And the pastries were not oily at all - it was light and fluffy. It was served with a side of jam and marscapone cheese, and was overall, one of the more interesting desserts I've had.

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