Seattle Trip - The Honey Hole

Thanks to Huong for this suggestion: a really good hot/cold sandwich place in Seattle to go to for a good meal. And onto a great lunch: This is the main eating area of the Honey Hole. The craziness is quite amusing - I like the wild toothy fish at the upper right corner of the photo. I heard from Huong that this place turns into a bar/lounge at night, which explains some of the craziness.
I ordered the Waverider (on the right) - a hot sandwich with smoked turkey, pesto sauce, red onion, roasted red bell peppers, and smoked Gouda cheese. I loved that they toasted the bread - for me, almost all good sandwiches need to be toasted, for that great contrast in crunchiness, with the other elements of the sandwich.

Jen ordered a vegetarian hot sandwich, "El Guapo" (on the left). It had roma tomatoes, red onions, green bell peppers, and red onions, with some ranch sauce. What I also loved about this place was that I could order fries with the sandwich - how come more places don't do that?? And the fries were good too - they had that special seasoning that some places have, with salt, paprika, pepper, and something else that I quite don't know about.

As the Honey Hole says: "Damn, that is a good sandwich"!

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