Quick Eats - Best In-N-Out in the World - Kettleman City

In-N'-Outs across the western U.S. are all good, to varying degrees - still better than any other burger out there, of course - but in my opinion, the In-N'-Out in Kettleman City - rather, off the Kettleman City exit of the I-5 up to San Francisco (or down to Los Angeles, whichever way you are heading), is always the best one for me. And it is not because I am hungry after a two/three hour drive from whichever place I left from - I have been full, but still tried eating a burger and it was still as good as always.
So why is this In'N'Out so good? I think that since it is in the California Central Valley, surrounded by fresh produce and a cow farm just north of there, it just tastes better. And it does - the ingredients are always fresh at that one, and for some reason, they always toast their hamburger buns just right. So, the burger comes out perfectly. And the fries are always fried just right - not too soft, not too crunchy. Just enough for the perfect texture.

I ordered my usual - two cheeseburgers, with grilled onions and extra tomatoes, and Jen ordered her burger - grilled onions and extra tomatoes. Jen is the one who introduced me to this particular combination - it is perfect, and especially perfect at this In-N'-Out. This is the one place I will always stop at on the drive, it is the best place to eat on the road by far!

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