Drake's Duck-In - Columbia SC

Drake's Duck-In serves possibly one of the best chicken sandwiches in Columbia, but it is one of those local hole-in-the-walls that you would never find unless you knew someone who eats there (Thanks Flarké!). The one problem with restaurant is its location - it is in downtown Columbia on Main St., and it is harder to find parking around there with all the meters, especially during lunch time. However, it is a definite must-visit for anyone searching for a delicious Southern-style fried chicken sandwich. (Thanks to Flarké for the cellphone pics!)

Although Drake's Duck-In serves both burgers and chicken sandwiches (along with some desultory salads that I would never recommend ordering), I think almost everyone around here comes in for their chicken sandwich. I ordered a simple chicken sandwich combo, with fries and some sweet tea...doesn't get more southern than that! The fries, by the way, are excellent, freshly fried, thick and crunchy. =)

Additionally, you can order the sandwich with a side of honey mustard, which comes in a separate plastic container. I strongly suggest you try it with the honey mustard sauce, it makes the sandwich even more drool-worthy!

Here's a close-up of the chicken sandwich. It's pretty simple, with some shredded lettuce and some tomato, but the taste of this sandwich has got Chick-Fil-A beat by a mile or so. Why? Drake's Duck-In put at least two thick breaded and fried chicken breast fillets in the sandwich, and the meat texture is juicy. It doesn't get better than this!

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